Special Graded Aggregate Mixtures Prepared from Granite, Marble, Natural Stone, Glass, Mirror, Metal, Mother of Pearl, Various Mussel and Oyster Shells

Tardigrade TGAG 995 is special graded aggregate mixtures, designed for decorative purposes in industrial Terrazzo or QCF applications.

Fields of Application

In terrazzo or qcf (stone carpet) applications for decorative design purposes In artistic design works with different color combinations At subway stations In offices, museums and congress centers In airports, entertainment centers, shopping centers In pharmaceutical and chemical plants In restaurants, hotels and tourist facilities In sport complexes, demonstration centers Bicycle paths and walkways Landscape, mosaic and pool applications In terrazzo and qcf applications with Tardigrade EPST 100, Tardigrade EPST 110, Tardigrade EPMT 140, Tardigrade EPHP 150, Tardigrade PPCL 100, Tardigrade ECTR 200 and Tardigrade ECTR 230.