Two Component, Solvent Free, Self Leveling, Polyaspartic Based Aliphatic Top Coating

Tardigrade PPSL 200 is a polyaspartic based two component, low viscosity, solvent free, UV resistant, hard elastic structure, aliphatic type, self leveling and gloss finish coating material.

Fields of Application

Internal and external substrates On concrete and cement based mineral surfaces On the surfaces which are smooth or dulled with sand to achieve glossy finish In hygienic areas such as hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms and food and laundry facilities In kindergartens and care homes In outdoor and indoor swimming pools Aliphatic top coating in floor coverings


Low viscosity Ultrahigh bond strength Environment friendly as it contains low VOC Excellent penetration Hard elastic structure Easy to apply, clean and maintain High UV resistance Glossy finish Hygienic and anti bacterial Resistant to mechanical loads, abrasion and chemicals